Crazy autumn weather has swept over the neighborhood and left your yard in tatters.  Work alone or together with your neighbors in this engaging adventure that combines brilliant puzzly mechanics with engine building to create a unique challenge each and every time you play.

Status: Kickstarter Fulfilment in progress

Available:  Mar 2021

New Zealand Game Awards 2021

Upkeep has been nominated for an award, "The Tactile Taste: Excellence in Physical Games".  They are also sponsoring a week long event in Wellington, New Zealand to show case all the nominated games and designers.  For more information, check out the official page here.

How to Play

If you would like to learn how to play Upkeep, the best place to start is the Walkthrough videos (see below) and the official rulebook.  Use the links below to access the latest rulebook for your language:


Here are some other great resources that will help you learn the game:


Where to buy

We are currently finishing up fulfillment for our Kickstarter backers, and hope that will be finishing up by mid January of 2021.  We will begin selling Upkeep online at that time, and it will be available through many retailers.  Sign up for our newsletter above, and we will notify you when Upkeep is available for purchase.

Walkthrough Videos

Normal mode

Casual mode

Upkeep Art Show by Tatiana

Recently, we had Tatiana do a fun live video to showcase the amazing artwork from Upkeep.  If you missed it, have a look here..

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