Our Games

We have a variety of games currently in progress, including our first published game Upkeep which will be available the latter part of January 2021.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on any of our current projects.

Status: Kickstarter Fulfilment in progress

Available:  Feb-Mar 2021

Crazy autumn weather has swept over the neighborhood and left your yard in tatters.  Work alone or together with your neighbors in this engaging adventure that combines brilliant puzzly mechanics with engine building to create a unique challenge each and every time you play.

Status: Preparing production sample

Available:  Apr-May 2021

Some days you just can't seem to pull yourself together in this fun and quirky family game.  Your job is simple (or is it?)  Help your zombie friend get themselves together and ready for their upcoming date.  Combining card collecting, bidding and a dash of luck, this game for 2-6 players is easy to learn and fun to play.

Status: Coming to Kickstarter May 2021

Time is short, resources are scarce and risks are high.  Pit your skills and determination against the universes most frightening phenomenon.  Work together or go it alone as you plan, prepare and execute missions to evacuate planets, collect resources and fight for survival in this epic Sci-Fi adventure.

Status: Coming to Kickstarter Oct 2021

Books have power.  They influence, encourage, enlighten and empower us.  But what happens in a world where books have real power - power to heal or destroy, power to protect or incapacitate, power to discover or to hide?  Join with a group of friends or go it alone as you embark on a journey to protect or to exploit the power of books.

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