Time is short, resources are scarce and risks are high.  Pit your skills and determination against the universes most frightening phenomenon - a black hole.  Work together or go it alone as you plan, prepare and execute missions to evacuate planets, collect resources and fight for survival in this epic Sci-Fi adventure.

Status: Coming to Kickstarter Apr 2020

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Project Journal

Early Concept Artwork


June 2020

Sometimes the name for a game comes first and the mechanics later.  For others it is the reverse.  For this game it was all at once.  The idea came in a light bulb moment one day when I was cleaning the garage.  I not only had a name (or nearly so), but I had a big part of the theme and mechanics.  It was so exciting we got right to work.

Brain Dump

July 2020

Our first big chore was a number of design sessions where we simply did a brain dump and filled a notebook with ideas.  There was so much to work with, we might have had better luck writing a novel than trying to condense it into a game.  Still, the concept was solid, and we knew it was going to be a fun game to design.


August 2020

It is difficult to play a space board game without some space, so our first prototype included a large printed page of nothing but stars and cosmic gases.  It wasn't much, but it was enough.  We did not save much from the black hole with the first prototypes, but we were able to start choosing our favorite elements and mechanics.

Early Art

Sept - Oct 2020

This month we started the process of working on some of the game artwork, in particular the box artwork for promoting the game.  It is still in a rough concept form, but it is nice to finally have the beginnings of an idea.


Nov - Dec 2020

In addition to testing and fine tuning mechanics, I have spent a great deal of time trying various Photoshop tutorials related to space, planets and all the cool things that float in the universe.  I will be handing most of these initial designs to our artist for some fine tuning, but it is shaping up quite nicely.

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